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Recruitment + AI = Love: Using Artificial Intelligence to Expedite Recruitment

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Open Source AI is the most recent development in a technology revolution. Educators are frantically problem-solving how to evaluate students' work to check for generated assignments, and recruiters are fearing for the future of their jobs.

The sooner we accept that AI is not only here to stay, but will absolutely change the future of work as we know it-- the better! We're here to show you that recruiting and AI can go hand-in-hand to improve efficiencies around candidate outreach, better job descriptions, and more effective places to post jobs and search for candidates. Ultimately, we can start using artificial intelligence to expedite recruitment!

In this video, follow along with L21 Solutions' Crystal Kardys as she shows a live example of using Open Source AI platform ChatGPT to rework an existing job description to make the language more inclusive, learn about places to find candidates and post the job, and how to best pitch the company to prospective candidates!

Need help applying AI to your current recruitment strategy? Contact us today to get started!

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