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By investing in your people and evolving talent acquisitions strategies, the agency spend can be allocated elsewhere the business.

Cost of outsourcing recruitment

Did you know recruitment agencies charge anywhere between 18% - 50% of a candidate’s first year salary? In a time where organizations are trying to scale back on costs, that can feel like an expensive investment, especially when hiring for multiple positions. 


For this reason, many organizations choose to recruit themselves. We agree with that 100%.  You know your organization, culture, and what makes people successful.  You will be able to tell your company’s story better than any external party.  L21 Solutions can help you learn how to implement scalable talent acquisition strategies that pay dividends as they are employed across multiple open positions. 

Not convinced? Let's keep going with the math.

Below is a table that outlines estimated fees and base salaries.  As you can see, the costs can accumulate quickly:

Screenshot 2023-04-25 124017.png

Paying an agency for a one-time hire for a senior-level role may be the right investment to make if your company has the budget to do so.  However, that may not be feasible with higher volumes of recruitment.  Using $80,000 base salary as an example, take a look at how the costs scale as the number of hires increases:

Agency Spend v. Hires (2).png

Maximize your budget now:

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