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Is your zippy job board promising you results...

yet here you are playing the waiting game?


We know-- that seemingly fantastic database pinky promised to magically notify the perfect candidate that your job is out they're so they'll apply. They'll source FOR you, so you can fill the position faster!


Spoiler alert: it's just a job alert, that no doubt is getting lost in the shuffle.


If you are tired of job postings not working, it's time to shake things up with our Sourcing Training - where proactivity takes the lead.

stop waiting.  start searching.

Learn to find qualified talent

Screenshot 2024-01-12 124233_edited.jpg

like a seasoned recruiter.

Sourcing Training will transform your hiring process. You will discover the unparalleled effectiveness of proactive candidate sourcing over traditional job postings.


Participants will take away simple, yet impactful methods to find qualified talent.

Discover how to more effectively attract candidates while you sleep.

Develop and deploy a sourcing strategy that helps you find talent in a fraction of the time you've spent waiting for qualified applicants.

Learn to ask the right questions to build the most accurate image of "who" your ideal candidate is to find them fast.

Work smarter, not harder! We'll share ways to use cost-effective technology to your advantage.




  • 2 hour training session for up to 10 participants

  • Sourcing strategy that can be immediately implemented post-training

  • PDF of presentation deck

Optional add-on


Recorded Training


  • Digital copy of recording of training will be provided within 1 week of  training, exclusively for internal client use

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