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Think you don't have time
one more training?

...if you've spent more than 90 minutes waiting for the right candidate to apply, we promise-- you have time.

If you're having trouble getting and KEEPING great talent, it might be because...

... the market sucks
... no one wants to work

... you can't compete with ridiculous salary expectations


...maybe it's you.

Okay, maybe not you personally, but...

your competitors are scooping up great, hard working talent while you're waiting for them to apply.

In less time than how long you sat through that meeting that could have been an email, you could have learned simple, valuable tricks seasoned recruiters use every day to find the top-tier talent you're holding out for.

During this training, you'll receive

90 minutes of training in 4 modules

  • Phase 1: Preparing for Recruitment Kickoff​​

  • Phase 2: Posting the Job & Searching

  • Phase 3: Interviewing 

  • Phase 4: Offer & Onboarding

$1,200 value

13 templates, checklists, and guides

  • 9 editable templates to help you in every phase of the process

  • 2 best-practices guides

  • 1 checklist to make sure the i's are dotted and t's are crossed

$650 value

Lifetime investment:



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