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What is a "Playbook"?

A Playbook is a file where processes and procedures are documented to ensure continuous growth and sustainability. One can be created for a particular job function, team, or department. The Playbook becomes the go-to guide for that job, team, or department to include SLAs/KPIs, goals and objectives, best practices, process flow maps, templates, compliance, and other important documentation. 

Creating a Playbook not only ensures consistency and a central place for seasoned team members to refer back to, but is an invaluable tool for onboarding new hires.  

We want our clients to feel empowered and liberated by a centralized system and properly documented processes, after working with us.  With that-- a Playbook is created and included with each consulting solution to support our clients' continued success in recruitment.

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Playbook Template Download

Sample Playbook section!

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