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Imagine having an open position and the next steps are clear.

>> you know where to post the job

>> you know where to find top-tier talent

>> you have the tools, technology, and systems in place to make it happen

Talent Acquisition is more than just recruiting.


Talent Acquisition (TA) is the strategic process of sourcing, attracting, and hiring top talent while ensuring an exceptional candidate experience and promoting a strong employer brand.

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L21 helped our growing business recognize that talent acquisition is a core function of expansion and success. They helped us streamline our processes so that we can focus our efforts on sourcing great talent instead of waiting for the needle in the haystack to magically appear among our meager pool of applicants... What I think impressed me most, however, was their exceptional project management skills. With a small corporate team like ours, juggling 100 different projects at any one time, Crystal and Amanda managed to keep us on pace, actively developing and refining our systems until our playbook was perfectly complete with clear, up to date procedures for every step of the talent acquisition process. We never could have developed something like that on own in just a few short weeks.

- Stephanie G., Chief Financial Officer at The Dirty Buffalo 

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